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About Us

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Montrose Living Supported Housing provides accommodation with centred support to young people aged 16 to 21 years, including asylum seekers, care leavers aged 16 to 21. Montrose Living is part of Placements NorthWest frame and provides Placements with all Authorities within the framework.

We recognise some of the challenges facing young people, in particular care leavers such as:

• A large number of young people become homeless due to a lack of support
• A disproportionate number are in the youth justice system
• A large number of young people who are offered permanent accommodation are not equipped with the skills necessary for independent living, and as a consequence lose their home prematurely
• A large number leave the care system with few or no qualifications

At Montrose Living we aim to empower and equip young people to overcome these challenges and support them into independence by meeting their individual needs and offering a high-quality support service.

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What we do?

Working since 2010
Best practice requires a continuous search for improvement and self awareness.

Our organisation primary objective is of supporting young people who have a range of vulnerabilities. These can vary from children seeking asylum, refugees, young expectant young mothers who need extra support, Looked After Children and young people leaving care. Many of these young people may have experienced a range of emotional or physical abuse, neglect, poor parenting, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, trauma and loss. We understand the reality of these issues and understand the detrimental effects and impact they can have on a person’s life. At Montrose Living we understand that, unfortunately, these young people could experience difficulties in society, which could lead to unemployment, poverty, homelessness and exclusion. By providing the right kind of support and direction, Montrose Living hopes to build their self -confidence and self- esteem, give them the skills to live independently, to feel happy within their environment and to build relationships and feel a sense of community. Our overall priority is to enable those vulnerable people to not only live a better quality of life but to live it proudly and achieve better outcomes for their futures. We work closely with Social Services, ensuring that we work towards meeting the goals and objectives of the young person’s Pathway Plan and Support Plan, work closely with health and the LAC nurses where appropriate. Montrose Living works closely with education providers, supporting young people into education, training or employment pathways and liaise regularly with the relevant Youth Participation Officer to ensure young people have access and are engaged in positive activities.

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